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“Legassi Gardens” helps you to plan a semester abroad that gives you more choice, flexibility and freedom! Volunteers can select from a range of placements around Accra Ghana, while you learn about the people, experience the culture, explore your skills, develop your talents, and do some good for someone else!


Our Role is to:

Partners include:

Placement areas include:

Arts: Theatre / Music / Dance
       Community Medicine


Pay only for your Serviced Accommodation in a self-contained apartment, and for your daily expenses. Most volunteer agencies will provide you with food and refreshments during the day.

Who is the ‘Typical Volunteer’?

Someone who is prepared to commit their time for between 1- 6 months. Experience in the chosen area of volunteering is preferred, plus genuine interest and commitment. Adults of any age can volunteer. Those working with children should provide references which can be verified by their embassy if required.

 For more details please contact us.

Free Volunteering Package

Ideal for students,

interns, retirees, researchers, philanthropists or

those on sabbatical!

Environmental issues

Women's Business Development;
Vocational Training

Speech Disability

Carol & Drew, USA,

“We helped at the Village of Hope, which is a wonderful program helping street children learn trades... it was a wonderful experience and we highly recommend it!”

Our Free services Include:

  1. Planning and organizing volunteer program with selected partners
  2. Providing in-country orientation or training as needed
  3. Offering in-country support
  4. Daily Breakfast
  5. FACT-FINDER INVESTMENT TOURS: Tailored tours for entrepreneurs like you...

  1. CULTURAL TOURS AND HOLISTIC RETREATS: Experience the culture, or just relax and rewire..

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