Volunteering Abroad

“Stay at our attractive ‘serviced apartments’ with lush gardens, ‘ital’ vegetarian cafe,

plus cultural vibes & volunteering.

Located to give you easy access to central Accra

without the noise, crowds or expense!

Free airport pickup, internet access, eco-keen and close to train station!"





Providing bore-holes and public toilet facilities for local communities.

Volunteers can select from a range of placements around Accra Ghana,

while you learn about the people,

experience the culture,

explore your skills, develop your talents,

and do some good for someone else!

Our role is to:

1. Introduce you to host organizations- with pre-placement orientation, and on-going support, and allow you to tailor your time as a volunteer to suit your interests, and the needs of the host organizations.

2. Accommodate you in a self-contained, serviced apartment- with your own kitchenette. You will have privacy and independence, while still taking part in the many local community activities, and experiencing the culture.


Range of Volunteering placements

'Formal sector' unemployment is high in Ghana, with over 70% of population engaged in subsistence small enterprises, without adequate training or support. Volunteer guests at Legassi Gardens can get involved in direct capacity building projects, sharing skills and experience:

- Arts: Theatre / Music / Dance
- Community Medicine
- Human Rights Law
- Environmental Projects
- Women's Business Development;
- Vocational Training
- Speech Disability
- Small Business Development


Are you concerned about how much of your charitable donations are spent just on administrative costs? Do you want to see 100% of your donation go directly towards the project being funded?

Then “The Water for Life Project”

is for you!




Legassi Gardens” helps you to plan a semester abroad that gives you more choice, flexibility and freedom!

We take child protection issues so seriously that we prefer our volunteer guests to work with adults. If part of a placement involves working with children this must be under strict supervision.

Partners include:


* Women's Trust Inc, Pokuase


* Village of Hope, Ayawaso


* Ga West Municipal Hospital, Amasaman


Cost: Prices vary by duration


Cost Includes:       


-In-country orientation/Training

-In-country staff support

-Pre-placement in-country orientation,

and in-country on-going support

-Serviced Accommodation

in a self-contained apartment

-Daily Breakfast

Typical Volunteer:

No experience is required, and anyone of any age can volunteer.


Typical Application Process:

Takes approximately 2 weeks



For more details please

contact us.

This project offers a unique opportunity to be involved in a donor project for between 2-4 weeks.


During this short period you actually watch, while a project that you have funded, goes from commencement through to completion, before you go home!


You get to see, ’first-hand’, the difference you are making to people’s lives; and also exactly where your money has gone!!!

Can you, your church, your school, social club, sports club, mosque, family, friends, book club, street, college, work place, football or netball team raise $4,500?


100% of this money will be used to build public toilets or provide a bore-hole for a community in need of these facilities, and thereby improve living standards and save lives.


Send 2-4 of your representatives to come and pay for and supervise the whole project.


For more details please contact us.

Water is life!


43%  of children in sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to clean drinking water.

The lack of clean drinking water and sanitation systems contributes to 70% of diseases in Ghana, where diarrhea causes 25 % of all deaths of children below the age of five each year, according to UNICEF.

Unfortunately, financing water and sanitation investments in Ghana relies heavily on external funding, by as much as 96% of the total costs needed. Despite such significant support from international donors, funding remains insufficient to achieve Ghana’s ‘Millennium Development Goals’ for water and sanitation: aiming to halve the 1990 percentage of the population without access to these services by 2015.

Carol & Drew, USA, 2010-

“We helped at the Village of Hope, which is a wonderful program helping street children learn trades... it was a wonderful experience

and we highly recommend it!”

We offer:

Tailored volunteer abroad placements and also   


The unique Direct Donor “Water for Life Project”

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