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Tours and Retreats

We are offering 14-DAY INVESTMENT TOURS to Accra, GHANA. The tours are ideal for enterprising business people wanting to invest or set up a business in Ghana, and who need to gain an insight into the legal and business environment in the country.

The tours are tailored for small groups with spaces limited.

Each tour will include:

Contact us to register for the next tour.

Legassi Gardens Terms and Conditions for Tour Packages


“Tailored tours for entrepreneurs like you,

Legal Seminars, Networking, and the view from the Inside....

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“Explore Ghana’s history and culture in small group tours,

Tailored for your needs, or relax with us on holistic retreats organised from time

to time for vegans and peace-seekers.

Experience the culture, or just unwind and rewire....

Contact Us: For more details of the next retreat or to request a cultural tour for your family, club or small group.